Submarine Power Transmission Cable


We deliver the electricity produced in South Marmara with submarine cable projects under the Dardanelles Strait to all Thrace, particularly to Istanbul.

We have been providing energy security of supply of the region by connecting Europe and Asia under the sea at the Dardanelles Strait since we launched first high-voltage submarine cabling project of Türkiye in 2015.

The first project put into service, is 3.9 km long Lapseki 1 - Sütlüce 1 submarine cable and it is the first jointless project in the world at 400 kV at this length. After this project, we implemented the second submarine cable project with 4.1 km long Lapseki 2 - Sütlüce 2 line in 1 km south.

 The connection consists of a 4-circuit double-circuit alternating current (AC) energy transmission system, each with a capacity of 1000 MW between Lapseki substation on the Asian side and Sütlüce substation on the European side.