About Us

Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation

Indispensable position of the electricity within the daily life in the modern world made it one of the basic humanitarian needs to be met. This situation emerges the goal of the transmission of the electricity in an economic, uninterrupted, reliable and environmental-friendly manner from nutrition to sheltering, transportation to heating. Briefly, this goal can be defined as access to electricity, including generation, transmission and distribution phases.

Transmission activity carried out by TEİAŞ in our country is defined as the critical activity responsible for the transmission of the electricity from production to the distribution networks that distribute it to the consumers.

Within the context of the “Transmission Licence” obtained from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on 13th March 2003 and according to the new market structure, TEİAŞ carries out its activities by central and nationwide units responsible for project, installation, operation, maintenance and load dispatch.

TEİAŞ Board of Directors consists of 1 chairman who is also General Manager of the company and 5 members. TEİAŞ central organization consists of 4 Deputy General Managers, Board of Inspection, Legal Advisor’s Unit, Internal Audit Unit, 14 Departments and 7 separate divisions.

Regional organization consists of 22 Regional Directorates affiliated with the Deputy General Manager responsible of Directorate of Operation and Maintenance; 10 Load Dispatch Operation Directorates one of which is national and 9 are regional affiliated with Load Dispatch Department; Power Transformers Maintenance and Laboratories Operation Directorate, Special Loads and Mobile Centers Transportation Operation Directorate and Live Maintenance Operation Directorate affiliated with Operations Department; Electronics and Calibration Laboratories Operation Directorate affiliated with Communication and Information System Department; Gölbaşı Social Facilities Operation Directorate affiliated with Support Services Department; Soma Electricity Technologies Development and Training Facilities Operation Directorate affiliated with Corporate Development Department.

Since 18th of September 2010, Turkish electricity system has been operating in synchronous parallel mode with European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

Performing one of the best services of the world with the “Power of the Energy” motto, and as a corporation serving to the whole citizens of the Country together with the belief of providing a livable, sustainable environment and moreover an environment that can be passed to the future generations and the best protection of the environment that we live in; the transmission of electricity in a continuous, reliable, environmentally sensitive, economical manner in accordance with the relevant legislation, most efficient use of the resources of the company by decreasing impact and effect on the environment, improving business processes continually in order to establish a strong management system which takes into account the expectations of the stakeholders and then evaluates incoming complaints and requests in an objective and transparent way, is our main goal.