Mobile Substations

With the Mobile Substations, we meet the energy requirement quickly when additional power requirements arise in the energy transmission system.

Mobile Substations are of great importance for Türkiye's energy supply security. It can quickly meet the energy requirement in the region in case of a natural disaster or maintenance-failure of the SubStations in the operation. There are 12 mobile Substations in our company. 

Long processes are required to establish fixed Substations in the energy sector. In addition, with the migration waves, rapid increases can occur in energy requirement. Mobile Substations are portable substations with 154 / 33.6 kV 50 MVA power and capable of meeting the energy requirement of a medium-sized city. The mobile SubStations that are put into service weigh 150 tons and are 27 meters long. They are transported by a special trailer with high maneuverability.

These Substations become ready for service in a few days where additional power is needed.