Message from our General Manager

As Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ), we have a long history based on the Turkish Electricity Authority, which was founded in 1970 and we're moving towards bigger goals more decisively, proud of leaving behind the years full of achievements since 2001 that we started our journey under the name of TEİAŞ.

With our strong heritage that we received from the past, we operate the electricity transmission system and network of Türkiye at international standards, in a good quality and economical and reliable manner.

While expanding our electricity transmission infrastructure each day in parallel with the developments in the energy need, we cross the mountains and deep straits that are difficult to overcome with our electricity transmission lines and we 24/7 transmit Türkiye’s energy all over the country with our 16.300 employees, 22 regional directorates and 10 load dispatch centers.

Today, while taking firm steps with the vision of being a leading system and network operator compatible with our country's national energy policies and integrated into international energy markets, we are continuously making contributions to the economy of our country with our strong financial structure and qualified expert staff.

We have great goals for the coming period. Within the framework of our agreement with the first nuclear power plant of our country, we will connect the produced energy to our electricity transmission system. In this context, we started the construction works of 6 high voltage lines.

As TEİAŞ, with my colleagues, we will continue our services for the bright future of our country and continue being the “Power of Energy”.

Best regards,


Chairman of the Board

General Manager