Load Dispatch Control Centers

We 24/7 operate the electricity transmission system of our country with the National Load Dispatch Center and 9 Regional Load Dispatch Centers.

The National Load Dispatch Center has the most important function in ensuring the real-time generation-consumption balance by maintaining the security and supply quality of the national energy generation and transmission system and operating the 400 kV transmission system that forms the main backbone of the network and operating the balancing power market and real-time ancillary services market.

Regional Load Dispatch Centers mainly carry out 154 kV transmission system operation, maneuver, data collection and evaluation activities.

Within the scope of load dispatch operation, electricity supply and demand is balanced in real time, the Balancing Power Market and Ancillary Services Market are operated, operational planning is carried out, international interconnection lines are operated, faulty situations and planned work maneuvers are carried out, short-term energy planning is made, daily operation programs and load frequency control are performed, N-1 analyzes are carried out to establish system security.