Live Maintenance with Helicopter

Thanks to live maintenance with helicopter, we carry out maintenance activities in the areas that are difficult to reach, meters above the ground without switching off the energy of the system.

Live maintenance operations with helicopter are carried out in high-voltage lines without interrupting the power by using a method that is applied for the first time in Türkiye in 2019. First of all, energy transmission lines are aerial surveyed by helicopter. At the specified points, each of the insulators, which are polluted over time due to dust, sand, chemical wastes, pesticides, sea salt, and which may cause malfunctions, are cleaned with purified water sprayed from the helicopter in about two minutes.

On the other hand, in live maintenance activities with helicopters, energy transmission lines, which are difficult to access from the ground, are provided by aerial access and malfunctions are eliminated or periodic maintenance works are carried out. The works are carried out by our technicians in the basket with isolated ropes hanging from the helicopter, with live maintenance method without de-energizing the line.