Live Maintenance

With live maintenance, we carry out maintenance activities on any part of the national electrical system or on certain units without de-energizing the system. We continue our live maintenance activities, which we started to implement in 2014, by expanding all over our country.

We work continuously with our live maintenance teams in our energy transmission lines and SubStations to ensure uninterrupted and quality electrical energy, minimize interruptions and reduce energy and production losses. 

We perform these live maintenance applications in two ways: The first one is the distance working method. Here, our operators carry out maintenance work with isolated rods (an insulating apparatus with a hook end used for safety during maneuver) and equipment connected to these rods, taking into account the distances calculated and to be complied with before the operation. The second one is the method of working on potential.

In this method, our operators perform the work depending on certain rules and distances, by entering into the same potential with the system potential in three different ways. Vehicles such as positioning chair, ladder and insulated tower, isolated crane are used to provide the operator the same potential with the system potential. With our investments in Research & Development and innovation, we provide saving of both source and time, transmit Türkiye's energy 24/7 all over our country.