Integrated Management Policy

Our Policy

As an organization that carries out electricity transmission service with the slogan of "Power of Energy", with the awareness of protecting the health and safety of the employees, sustainable development and being sensitive to the environment; we commit the following and work together as the whole TEİAŞ family;

• To provide economic and quality service to our customers by ensuring security of supply and continuity in our activities, 

• To continuously improve the efficiency of Quality, Environment, Customer Satisfaction, Information Security and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and to comply with legal and other requirements, 

• To transform the Integrated Management System awareness into a corporate culture and ensure the participation of all associated stakeholders in this culture, 

• To encourage the continuous improvement of the business processes for the implementation of a strong management system and the process-based management with risk-oriented thinking and goals, 

• To prevent occupational accidents and health deterioration by providing a safe and healthy working environment, manage the risks and opportunities by eliminating hazards, to produce and to implement projects in line with technological advances,

• By considering the life cycle understanding; to use energy and natural resources effectively and efficiently, to reduce pollution at its source by controlling the environmental dimension and impacts of our activities, to use recyclable environmentally friendly products, to ensure the environmental awareness of our employees and stakeholders,

• To effectively manage all information assets of our organization and our stakeholders, to protect their confidentiality and integrity, to ensure their accessibility within the powers, to effectively respond to information security events and to prevent the recurrence of events, to internalize the information security culture by increasing the information security awareness and competencies of our employees,

• To increase the customer and employee satisfaction, to ensure consulting the employees and employee representatives, and the participation of the employees,

• To evaluate the complaints and requests in an objective and transparent manner. 

Chairman of the Board
General Manager