Planning, installation, maintenance and operation of a powerful transmission system in any geographical and climatic condition in order to ensure the transmission of the electricity in a quality, uninterrupted, reliable, environmental friendly and economic manner and appropriate for the electricity market.


To become an independent, powerful and leader institution in its field with achieving full integration to the European electricity market and constituting a strong electrical energy corridor at its region.


As an organization serving the people of country and one of the best services of the world with the slogan "Power of Energy", with a belief that we can provide an environment that is more liveable, sustainable and able to pass to next generations;

The transmission of electricity in a continuous, reliable, environmentally sensitive, economical manner in accordance with the relevant legislation, most efficient use of the resources of the company by decreasing impact and effect on the environment, improving business processes continually in order to establish a strong management system which takes into account the expectations of the stakeholders and then evaluates incoming complaints and requests in an objective and transparent way, is our main goal.