SEE CAO (Southeast Europe Coordinated Auction Office)

Since 2002, TEIAS has been a follower of efforts for establishing a regional electricity market within Southeast Europe and its integration into the Central European electricity market and a part of all organs that concreted these studies. Within this scope, in order to establish the legal, institutional and technical infrastructure related to coordinated tender applications and to share the income received after the tender between transmission system operators, SEE CAO (Southeast Europe Coordinated Auction Office Office) was established on March 10, 2014 with the ceremony organized in Turkey.

SEE CAO, which has been established among electricity transmission system operators of Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey, is intended to tender the regional interconnection capacities between mentioned countries centrally.

For this purpose, allocation of the capacities between members have been started with Bosnia-Herzegovina-Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina-Montenegro border since 27 November 2014. As of October 2015, the capacity of the existing interconnection line between Turkey and Greece has begun to be allocated through SEE CAO.