ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity)

ENTSO-E has been established in order to establish a common internal electricity market model by more network integration of the European Union countries and thus to increase the security of energy supply, to maximize the efficiency of production, transmission, distribution and energy usage, to minimize the environmental problems and to realize the aims of the conversion of the networks’ energy diversity to opportunity. 43 Transmission System Operators from 36 countries are members of ENTSO—E.

Trial synchronous parallel operation between Turkish Power System and ENTSO-E Continental Europe Synchronous Area (CESA) was initiated on 18 September 2010. With the completion of the trial synchronous parallel operation phase, which is projected as 3 separate periods, commercial electricity exchange has begun according to the agreement signed between the TSOs of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. Currently, power is transferred at 650 MW of capacity from Europe to Turkey direction (import) and 500 MW of capacity from Turkey to Europe direction (export) via existing interconnection lines.

As a result of technical studies which were carried out by TEİAŞ for the ENTSO-E connection, the report that emphasized the success of the trial operation between the Turkish electricity system and the ENTSO-E Continental Europe Synchronous Area, was approved by the ENTSO-E Continental Europe Regional Group (ENTSO-E RG CE) and Turkish Electricity System has been proceeded to permanent operation with ENTSO-E Continental Europe Synchronous Area by end of 2014.

Following the evaluation of TEİAŞ regarding its compliance with the standards and obligations exist in the ENTSO-E RGCE Operational Handbook, the "Long Term Agreement" was signed between TEİAŞ and ENTSO-E on April 15, 2015 that is binding TEİAŞ with the mentioned standards and obligations, and thus Turkish electricity market have legally entered the way of integration with the European Internal Electricity Market.

On the other hand, the process of the Observer Membership Status of TEİAŞ before ENTSO-E has been initiated and TEİAŞ became the first and only observer member of ENTSO-E with an Agreement signed between TEİAŞ and ENTSO-E on January 14, 2016.

TEİAŞ representatives who were participating to the special working group studies for the connection of Turkey to ENTSO-E before permanent connection, have also started to participate in the works carried out in a large number of different working groups and sub-committees of ENTSO-E after the Long Term Agreement and Observer Membership.