TKİB (Turkish Public Enterprises Association)

TKIB was established on 26.12.1990 as per the Council of Minister’s decision in order to revise the situation of public enterprises in parallel with the European and EU structure and assist to this structuring.

Tasks of the Association are:

  • Representing its members at European level and ensuring continuous relations with EU associations and for this purpose becoming member of European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP),
  • Transferring the ideas, experiences and problems of its members in the lights of developments in European structure and making an attempt to achieve a joint solution,
  • Providing the representation of the Public Enterprises in the institutions which participate or will participate within the European Union

While the Association fulfilling all these tasks, it also organizes congress periodically, set up committees and working groups or researching units, prepares and publishes bulletins, participates CEEP activities and organizations abroad related to its activities.