WEC-TNC (World Energy Council - Turkish National Committee)

Turkish National Committee of Word Energy Council (WEC-TNC) was established on 25.08.1949 with the Council of Minister’s decision. Ministries, public and private sector companies, universities, public and private sector organizations engaged in scientific and technical research, consultancy firms, professional chambers, associations, foundations and natural persons are the members of WEC-TNC.

The goals of the National Committee as a non-governmental organisation are;

  • Dependent on universal principles of democracy and human rights; To encourage sustainable economic and social development in the direction of accessibility, availability and acceptability principles of energy at the national and international level, contributing to the strengthening of the democratic, secular and social state of law in the direction of Ataturk's goals and principles of modern civilization
  • To conduct technical, economic, scientific and social studies on the generation, transmission, distribution, trading and use of energy resources potential in timely, reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient and economical conditions considering the relation of energy consumption with economic growth in our country.
  • To present the results of the study, opinions and recommendations to the members of the Association, to the interested persons and to the public; To carry out all its activities in an objective, independent, scientifically and in the interests of our country

Turkish National Committee, which is among the members of World Energy Council European Group since 2006, also participates actively to the Word Energy Council. The biggest sign of this active presence is the 13th World Energy Congress, which was held in Turkey in 2016. TEIAS has also been one of the host sponsors of Congress titled “Embracing New Frontiers.”