CIGRE TNC (CIGRE Turkish National Committee)

Although CIGRE membership has existed for many years in Turkey in institutional and individual base, the existence of these memberships in a certain organization could become possible in August 2014 by the establishment of CIGRE Turkey National Committee under the umbrella of TESAB (Turkish Electricity Industry Association).

The main tasks of the CIGRE Turkish National Committee are;

  • Representation of Turkey at the international organisations
  • Arrangements of institutional and individual membership,
  • Promotion of CIGRE membership,
  • Informing members about the CIGRE studies and organising panel, conference and seminar in order to provide knowledge sharing,
  • Suggesting experts for CIGRE units (Steering Committee, Technical Committee etc.)

The CIGRE Turkey National Committee carries out the above listed tasks with the support of the TESAB Secretariat and the Board of Directors. In addition, the Executive Committee composed of CIGRE members in Turkey, closely follows CIGRE activities. The Chairman of the Executive Committee is being carried out by TEIAS and the national committee is strengthening day by day with the support of the private sector and the academicians.